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2017年6月大学英语六级考试真题及参考答案 作文及范文 Directions: Suppose you are asked to give advice on whether to attend college at home or abroad, write an essay to state your opinion. You are required to write at least 150 words but no m
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Directions: Suppose you are asked to give advice on whether to attend college at home or abroad, write an essay to state your opinion. You are required to write at least 150 words but no more than 200 words.


Nowadays, there has been a heated discussion as to a better choice between attending college at home and abroad. Views on the topic vary greatly among people from different walks of life. Some believe that it is a better choice to study in domestic colleges, but others consider it better to study abroad. I totally agree with the latter idea for the reasons presented below. To begin with, it harms the society in that the greater the competition is, the higher the recruitment requirements will become. Therefore, with experiences of studying abroad, graduates will become more competitive in job hunting. Furthermore, it is beneficial to the students themselves to study abroad. Without the choice to pursue overseas study, many great scholars today would never have achieved such great success. From my perspective, it is crucial that the government should encourage people to pursue overseas study. Also it is crucial that people should understand the meaning and value of attending college abroad. Only in this way can we achieve greater success.

1. A) He would feel insulted.

2. B) They are of little value.

3. A) He seldom writes a book straight through.

4. D) Unlike a football match, there is no end to writing a book.

5. C) High college dropout rates among black athletes.

6. D) They make money for the college but often fail to earn a degree.

7. C) Slightly over 50%.

8. A) Coaches lack the incentive to graduate them.

9. B) Holiday shopping.

10. D) About 183.8 million.

11. C) They are thriving once more.

12. B) Higher employment and wages.

13. D) They are antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

14. D) Routine operations have become complex.

15. C) Money.

16. B) It improves students' ability to think.

17. A) They encourage academic democracy.

18. A) His thirst for knowledge.

19. D) People tend to underestimate their mental powers.

20. B) They include more or less the same number of states.

21. C) Reviewing your lessons where the exam is to take place.

22. A) Discover when you can learn best.

23. C) He is a sociologist.

24. D) In developing countries.

25. B) Their income is less than 50% of the national average family income.

Directions: In this section, there is a passage with ten blanks. You are required to select one word for each blank from a list of choices given in a word bank following the passage. Read the passage through carefully before making your choices. Each choice in the bank is identified by a letter. Please mark the corresponding letter for each item on Answer Sheet 2 with a single through the center. You may not use any of the word in the bank more than once.

Let’s all stop judging people who talk to themselves. New research says that those who can’t seem to keep their inner monologues (独白) in are actually more likely to stay on task, remain ___26___ better and show improved perception capabilities. Not bad, really, for some extra muttering.

According to a series of experiments published in the Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology by professors Gary Lupyan and Daniel Swignley, the act of using verbal clues to ___27___ mental pictures helps people function quicker.

In one experiment, they showed pictures of various objects to twenty ___28___ and asked them to find just one of those, a banana. Half were ___29___ to repeat out loud what they were looking for and the other half kept their lips ___30___ . Those who talked to themselves found the banana slightly faster than those who didn’t, the researchers say. In other experiments, Lupyan and Swignley found that ___31___ the name of a common product when on the hunt for it helped quicken someone’s pace, but talking about uncommon items showed no advantage and slowed you down.

Common research has long held that talking themselves through a task helps children learn, although doing so when you’ve ___32___ matured is not a great sign of ___33___The two professors hope to refute that idea, ___34___ that just as when kids walk themselves through a process, adults can benefit from using language not just to communicate, but also to help “augment thinking”.

Of course, you are still encouraged to keep the talking at library tones and, whatever you do, keep the information you share simple, like a grocery list. At any ___35___ , there’s still such a thing as too much information.

A) Apparently

B) Arrogance

C) Brilliance

D) Claiming

E) Dedicated

F) Focused

G) Incur

H) Instructed

I) Obscurely

J) Sealed

K) spectators

L) Trigger

M) Uttering

N) Volume

O) Volunteers


26. F) focused

27. L) trigger

28. O) volunteers

29. H) instructed

30. J) sealed

31. M) uttering

32. A) apparently

33. C) brilliance

34. D) claiming

35. N) volume


[A] The lives of children from rich and poor American families look more different than they have in decades.

[B] Well-off families are ruled by calendars. with children enrolled in ballet. soccer and after-school programs, according to a new Pew Research Center survey There are usually two parents, who spend a lot of time reading to children and worrying about their anxiety levels and hectic schedules

[C] In poor families. however. children tend to spend their time at home or with extended family. the survey found They are more likely to grow up in neighborhoods that their parents say aren't great for raising children. and their parents worry about them getting shot, beaten up or in trouble with the law(责任编辑:haoxuee)